Besafe Business Obd 11
Besafe Business Obd 11
Besafe Business Obd 11
Besafe Business Obd 11
Besafe Business Obd 11
Besafe Business Obd 11
Besafe Business Obd 11

BeSafe Business OBD 11

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This little device is a simple plug-and-play GPS tracking system which provides live tracking, journey replay and driver activity reporting, all in real-time.

BeSafe Business suits 12v passenger and light commercial vehicles manufactured after 2007. 
Simply plug it into your car's OBDII connector located near the accelerator pedal & you are ready to go.

BeSafe Business uses Assisted GPS & Glonass satellite technology to find your car's location anywhere on in the world.

BeSafe GPS Safety Coach records your car's location and vital information such as ignition status & current speed.

Simply use your internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone to securely log on and access your cars activities. You can quickly locate your car, monitor driver behaviour, replay journeys and generate a range of other helpful reports.

 What do I get ?

When you order BeSafe Business you receive:-

  • The BeSafe Business OBDII GPS Device (including a sim card which is sealed in the device)
  • BeSafe Business Extension Cable (as an additional install option)
  • A 12 month BeSafe Business data subscription on the Telstra network (In Australia)
  • A 12 month subscription to the BeSafe Business Software accessible on any internet connected computer, tablet and smartphone 
  • A unique username and password.

What happens after the subscription period ends?

Renewal after your first 12 months can be paid month to month, we can arrange for your subscription to automatically renew, call us for more details. 

BeSafe GPS will send you a message to renew your subscription and be invoiced monthly. If you choose not to renew your BeSafe Business Subscription, please give us one months notice to, advising us you wish to discontinue after your 12 month subscription ends.

What Do I do When My BeSafe Business Arrives?

1. Open the box an note down the IMEI number and Serial Number below the manufacturing Date

The last 8 digits of these are your username and password respectively.

2. Install your BeSafe GPS Safety Coach by simply plugging into your car's OBDII port.

To Locate the location of the OBDII port in your car please visit:

3. Go to

4. Select Login

5. Enter your username and password

6. We recommend you change your password when you first login.


Technical Specifications for the Gurus

  • Dimensions: 50(W) x 28(H) x 42(D) (mm)
  • Weight: 65g
  • GPS with 66 channels A-GPS and Glonass receiver
  • Telstra NextG 850MHz frequency, SMS, UMTS/HSDPA UDP/TCP
  • Power source: DC 8-16V
  • Back-up battery: 3.7V 230mAH ---- The device has a sleep mode which draws 8ma which is activated when movement is not detected for a period of time..normally set to 3-15 min therefore backup battery can theoretically last as much as 28 hours or as little as 1.5 hours.
  • Power consumption:

o < 150mA @ DC 12V (GPS on, GSM on, NextG connected, OBDII Data Reading On)

o < 40mA @ DC 12V in power saving mode (GPS off, OBDII Off, GSM in standby mode)

o < 8mA @ DC 12V (GPS off, GSM off, OBDII Off, 3D G/I/O sensors on)

  • Serial port: 1 micro-USB
  • Memory: Built-in 4MB flash memory
  • Built-in tri-axial acceleration sensor
  • 50,000 event black box recorder FIFO recording at 1 second intervals
  • 50,000 event tracking buffer. FIFO Stores and forwards any data collected in areas outside mobile data coverage
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +65°C
  • Tracking in Time, Distance, Direction and any boolean combination (Set to 30 seconds)
  • SIM Card Pin Setting
  • Over the air device configuration
  • Over the air firmware upgrading
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE Compliant
  • FCC Certified
  • Australian C-tick & A-tick Compliant