Family - GPS Tracking

An Excellent tool for Parents and their newly licensed teen! 

Designed to help parents have peace of mind and teens to enjoy their newly found independence without mum or dad needing to worry!

With statistics showing that a teen is more likely to have an accident within the first couple of years of driving, BeSafe GPS gives parents and teens a fantastic tool allowing parents to continue to coach their teen with their driving, confident they are driving safely. Teens can continue driving independently without mum or dad hovering!  

This device is also being used to monitor older drivers and is perfect to be assured they are safe on the road including if they break down.

Proven to reduce Unsafe driving Habits, your loved one can regularly view their driving score, which encourages improved driving habits by monitoring speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and harsh cornering. 

Other fantastic features include;

- Real time tracking (Great for knowing they arrived safely, breakdowns, being lost or locating the vehicle if stolen).

- Real Time Alerts for unsafe driving behaviours like;


Harsh Braking

Harsh Acceleration 

Harsh Cornering

No GPS Signal 

Device Tampering  plus much, much more!

- Map Boundaries let you highlight locations on the map like work, friends, school or Mall. Boundaries can be any size or shape and alerts can be set up for entering or exiting.

- Vehicle Maintenance helps your teen care for their vehicle a whole lot easier with scheduled maintenance reminders based on KMs travelled or a reminder of when the rego is due.

Reminders can be set up for;

Oil change

Air Filter Change

Tyre Rotation

Rego Renewal

Create regular preventative maintenance routines, you can review and keep completed services and activity history.

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