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Waylens Premium Horizon Sport Ready DVR with OBD & GPS

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Horizon is specially-designed to let you capture and share the complete story of your drive. Horizon lets you overlay driving performance data on video and share your best driving moments in real-time.

Horizon’s Bluetooth-equipped OBD-II transmitter automatically collects vehicle performance information including RPM, MAF, Boost, and Engine Temperature. The camera’s multiple sensors meanwhile collect MPH, GPS, G-Force, Pitch & Roll, Time/Date, and Ambient Temperature. 10Hz GPS accurately tracks your location even during high-speed turns while the 9-axis inertial motion unit with its 3-axis gyro, 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis magnetometer correctly determine your orientation in space. Dual microphones capture the rev of the engine and your commentary.

Sharing this multidimensional experience couldn’t be easier. Review and edit right from your phone without removing the microSD card. Simply select your overlay style and the data points you wish to show and share right now from the app. Want to do more? Use our Waylens Studio software to add music and other features that heighten the drama.



Every Horizon component is the result of extensive research, testing and our passion for driving. The result is an extraordinary camera with sleek, durable form and elegant operation.