About BeSafe GPS

We have over 15 years’ experience in GPS technology servicing businesses with fleets to manage, but most importantly we are parents just like you.

So we decided to invest our time into not only servicing businesses but to also help parents coach their teen with the first couple of years that they have their drivers license.
Having firsthand knowledge we understand that one of the scariest parenting steps is preparing our children to get their driver’s license. 
Teen driver fatality rates in Australia are alarming. You can’t always be in the passenger seat with your teen or protect them from every hazard on the road that is why we created the BeSafe GPS Teen Coach.
Fortunately in Australia the driver’s license program is of high standard, the process with graduated steps through a written test, required practise hours and a final driving exam provides fundamental learnings for our young adults.
But, what happens once they have their driver’s license? 
Generally, as parents we want to give our children freedom to learn, grow and experience new things, establish independence whilst protecting them. As our children acquire drivers licenses this becomes a whole new challenge.
Be Safe allows parents to confidently give their teens their freedom while also setting boundaries and evaluating their skills to help them create and learn safe driving habits. 
With a click of a button you can see how the BeSafe GPS Teen Coach can manage a number of things, such as driving habits, security and prevent potential accidents, acting as a coaching tool while providing a level of comfort and peace of mind – one less thing us parents need to worry about!